1 min readNew study shows that there is a way to determine effect of energy medicine

How can the ails of a purely physical body be relieved by energy psychology? Can it mean that there is a force beyond the physical which shapes and determines our physical health?

In 2019, Dr. Garret Yount led a team to study whether the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has effects at the genomic level. Through the help of war veterans exhibiting PTSD symptoms, Yount discovered that indeed, EFT can lead to decreased levels of expression of non coding RNA. 

Dr. Yount’s research is important because it shows us that we now have the technological capacity to determine the effect of energy medicine to the human body.

If you wish to read about the technical details of the research, visit NCBI.

Implications for AI

If the human body is purely physical, how can a technique like EFT affect it at the genomic level? How can energy medicine, which does not involve any physical substance, offer relief to those who are physically afflicted?

This study shows us that beyond the physical, the health of our body is shaped and determined by another force that is currently overlooked. To better understand this force or energy, world traditions such as Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda, can offer help.

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