1 min readBernardo Kastrup: Materialism is a dead-end

Materialism is a relic of an older, naiver, and less sophisticated age. That age is coming to a close, do we have to accept this truth?

In this 2019 article for IAI, computer scientist and philosopher Bernardo Kastrup says that materialism is a metaphysics and a theoretical inference that does not belong to our modern world. 

Kastrup clarifies that materialism is not our science and technology, it is , instead, related to our ability to inquire, model, and product nature’s behavior. Materialism had helped us preserve meaning at a time when religion is losing its control over our culture. But with the advances in technology, and the awakening in human consciousness, we can now categorize materialism as a relic from an older, less sophisticated age of discovery. 

Implications for AI

Our current science is showing us new realities in nature that materialism was not built to accommodate. The fundamentals of this new reality transcends what we know of nature, and is showing us a world that is built in a very different way. 

Letting go of materialism is essential, but it is not an easy task, not without humility and self-reflection. For after all, pronouncing that materialism is dead will require us to accept that we know nothing, and that everything we have ever discovered about the world is just a small fragment of the reality that is too wide and too mysterious to be described by human language.

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