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How do we honor the spiritual in the way we live our lives?

How can we live our days so that we can truly honor the various aspects of our humanity? In this article written by Jan Ogren, she offers to us a method for deriving and integrating the various knowledges and wisdom from the different “parts” of ourselves. 

Implications for AI

Materialism has brainwashed us to the primacy of the human mind, and led us to forget that the human being is a whole with many parts. It made us forget the wisdom embodied by the human being and the interconnectedness of our different aspects. 

But as the world goes in deep crisis, finding solutions at the cognitive level is no longer enough. Somehow, the wisdom of the heart (often related to emotions), demands to be heard. Intuitively, we also know that physical solutions do no suffice. We know with our entire being that the solution lies in communities, and to a larger, wider intelligence we can tap through our own spirituality. 

If we let go of our fear for the future, and we accept that materialism is at its end, we will be open to these subtle impulses. Only then will we realize that being alive during this chaotic time is a blessing. 

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