1 min readHow Can Gratitude Save Humanity?

This article is a subtle yet scathing criticism of the transhuman hatred of nature which is subject to predation, disease, and death, and the intent to achieve immortality by replacing everything with synthetics. Transhumanism moralizes about suffering and wants to bring justice through technology.

The transhumanist compulsion towards total control takes away all risks and excitement and brings all of nature inside the ego. Yet as the author nailed it, “A life fully under control is a life of solitude, from which the possibility of serendipity has been excluded. Serendipity is perhaps the secular name for grace”.

Although the desire for logical control has been present for some time, it has now entered a particularly frenetic phase in the transhumanist agenda to spread this to every aspect of life. The main motivation is fear.

He describes gratitude as akin to love where “we are drawn out of ourselves toward beauty”. Ironically, the transcendental experience of experiencing love as unity with the kosmos brings in the immanent motive to make good in this world.

Editor’s Note: The author brings us into an awareness of the ever-present and beautiful “Now” as opposed to the fear-based transhumanist obsession to bring everything under synthetic control. If we are to solve the problems of our age, we must go in this direction of gratitude, love, and appreciation of beauty because these are what make us fully human and alive. This is opposed to the elite direction of transhumanism that aims for total control when what the world needs is total self-giving and love.

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