1 min readA theory of evolution based on chaos

Keith Bennet says that recent discoveries in science shows that the Darwinian theory of evolution has no real evidence.

By looking at various paleoecological research in recent years, Keith Bennett hopes to show that there is a weak link between environmental change and evolutionary change. The Darwinian theory of evolution is no longer viable. 
What then is the new theory of macroevolution? 

Bennett suggests a new theory of evolution that is based on chaos theory.  He specifies four important characteristics which can logically answer the gaps in evolutionary theory, and are also supported by science today. 

Implications for AI

The Earth is always unique, changing, and unpredictable. Though we have already discovered much of the underlying forces that operate in this planet, indeed, in this universe, the future remains a mystery. Built-in to this universe is a mechanism for creativity, and humans are the embodiment of this creativity.

How can we ever hope to create a code  that will replace the human being? How can we ever hope to develop a mechanical system that has an unlimited capacity to create, but is unable to operate without getting plugged in to a power source?

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