1 min readPaul Davies: The universe is not meaningless

The order in the universe is meaningful and awe-inspiring. Physicist, cosmologist, and astrobiologist Paul Davies explains why.

Utilizing his knowledge in astrophysics and quantum mechanics, Paul Davies argues that the new discoveries of science does not make life on Earth pointless. On the contrary, the universe is meaningful, and it is this order and meaning that provides scientists with the inspiration to keep studying and discovering the secrets of nature.

Implications for AI

Materialists claim that life is no more than a natural effect of increasingly complex chemical processes. It is a random event, and there is nothing special with it. In the same way, it argues that everything that makes the human being special are no more than chemical processes brought about by our accidentally unique physical make up. Our capacity for love, creativity, critical thinking – these are all signals and chemicals emitted by the brain, and relayed to other parts of the body. For materialists, if we want to ensure the survival of our species in an ever more chaotic world, we must be able to transcend our physical frailties and become capable of designing our future embodiment.

Paul Davies argues that there is a flaw to this materialist logic. If natural evolution is random, then how will scientists be able to find the root causes of all natural phenomenon? Only when the universe has order will research endeavors be useful. And if the universe has order, then it must have meaning. It is this meaning that the human being must discover through the unique capacities endowed to us by the billions of years of creation.

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