1 min readDecentralization Urgent: Big Tech is condemning free speech

Dr. Joseph Mercola tells us: We can push back against Big Tech.

In this January 22, 2021 article for this blog, Dr. Joseph Mercola expounds on the urgent need to decentralize the web, first proposed by Coindesk. According to Coindesk, “Just as bitcoin redistributed power from the legacy financial system in favor of peer-to-peer electronic cash, the next-generation internet aims to redistribute power from corporate giants like Google and Facebook to sovereign individuals who own and control their own data”.

Mercola reviews some recent events showing how Big Tech has been manipulating public perception. He also explains how censorship has affected societies, as well as explores how Big Tech is leveraging their platforms to push for their own agenda. Towards the end of the article, Mercola offers several suggestions on how you can protect your free speech.

Editor’s Note: In this article Mercola shows us clearly how Big Tech has started to abuse its power, and why, we, the people need to act now. The longer we fail to realize the importance of safeguarding our personal data, the more vulnerable we are to manipulation and easier it is for companies to violate our human rights.

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