1 min readElon Musk Wants Free Speech on Twitter, Should We Believe Him?

In this June 19, 2022 article, British journalist Laura Dodsworth discusses a leaked video of Twitter’s All Hands meeting wherein in Elon Must discussed his plans for free speech at the company.

Dodsworth, known for her exposé on how governments are using fear to control their citizens during the COVID pandemic, has come out in support of Musk’s plans to make Twitter’s algorithm public to improve transparency and the clarity of rules in terms of boosting and deboosting of posts and ensuring free speech within the platform.

Editor’s Note: It is important to note that Dodsworth is sold on Musk’s sincere desire to restore free speech on Twitter. We hope that you can take her words with a grain of salt. Please watch the actual video linked above so that you can make your own deliberation on this.

We simply want to say that Musk’s sincerity is not enough to ensure that Twitter will enshrine free speech. With the new censorship policies being created in Canada and Europe, we can expect more countries to follow suit if there is no citizen pushback against this tyranny.

There are no single heroes in this fight for freedom. We must all do our part to succeed.

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