1 min readPayment through facial ID receiving big push in many countries

What impact can face recognition payment systems have on our societies?

In this article for Reclaim The Net, author Didi Rankovic reports on the mass roll out of PopID, a system that utilizes facial recognition technology. According to Rankovic, the use of facial recognition for payments is already well-established in China and is slowly gaining ground in Denmark, Nigeria, and the US.

Towards the end of the article, Rankovic raises some potential issues of facial recognition payments, stressing that it can be a powerful tool for mass surveillance.

Editor’s Note: As cash transactions are slowly being phased out in many countries worldwide, we can expect that more applications such as PopID will be rolled out soon. And while the technology is convenient, it also puts us at risk of privacy violations.

Big Tech companies are already manipulating societies using the same data we have given them in earlier years. We have seen how social media services have become weaponized. Do we really want tech companies to have access to our faces and our personal finances?

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