2 min readTech giants push for digitalization of vaccine, health records

In this article published last January 26, 2021, Dr. Joseph Mercola reveals that several tech giants have began collaboration for the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI). The initiative is built on a common framework for digital vaccination wallets and is intended to digitalize COVID-19 vaccination records.

Aside from VCI, other platforms for digitalized vaccination records have emerged, for example the CommonPass, and a biometric ID for refugees in Myanmar.

Mercola says this of this renewed push for digitalized health records: “While the push for combining digital identity with vaccination records and economy activity appears, superficially, to be the effort of various organizations and groups, the same individuals and entities appear time and again, pointing to a coordinated push to not only implement such a system but manufacture consent for such a system among the global population”.

Editor’s Note: The COVID panic has offered new opportunities for Big Tech companies to blind side the public in pushing for a previously contested agenda. For example, 5G towers have continued to rise despite country-wide lockdowns, even though such technology has received a huge pushback both from citizens and various government leaders in various countries. Moreover, even as people are awakening to the importance of safeguarding their data, companies are about to roll out digital passports as a pre-condition for availing of their services.

Even though 5G and digital passports are on the way, people are still fighting against it. Those who dare to push back have been deplatformed – mainstream media are not covering the dissent, and social media is actively censoring information, which effectively creates a pretense of consensus.

This is our world today, which has been manipulated based only on the personal information we share online. Imagine how tech companies can leverage our health data to eliminate opposition and curtail human dignity and freedom.

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