2 min readFight back against Big Tech, become “indistractable”

The following article was written by Nir Eyal, the same author who wrote the book Hooked, which has been used as a blueprint for creating highly engaging products in Silicon Valley.

The article attached below is a summary of his new book, Indistractable, which aims to counter the overwhelming distraction presented to us by modern living. He says that staying in focus has become even more difficult today as technology has become even more habit-forming.

In his article below, he offers suggestions on how we can utilize what he calls “behavioral design” so we can build healthy habits that will enable us to take control of our time, energy, and attention.

Editor’s Note: The issue of tech addiction has been a reality long before the “pandemic” hit [see WHAT CAN YOU DO TO CURE TECH ADDICTION?].

And as technology becomes more advanced and algorithms become more effective at manipulating our behavior the need to take back control of our lives has become even more pressing. [Read AI CAN NOW MANIPULATE HUMAN BEHAVIOR, and TRISTAN HARRIS: TECHNOLOGY IS HIGHJACKING YOUR MIND, SILICON VALLEY REFUSENIKS: TECHNOLOGY IS HIJACKING YOUR BRAIN].

Eyal offers some way to do this, but his method is no magic pill. It requires self-mastery and a real desire to lead a better life [see ADDICTION TO SCREENS IS A “YOU” PROBLEM].

It is not going to be an easy journey, but it is nonetheless necessary if we are serious about fighting back against Big Tech’s programming of the human mind.

When you’re done reading Eyal’s article below, we encourage you to continue and read the full book, Indistractable to get the details of his method.

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