1 min readMeet Erica, the first fully autonomous artificially intelligent actor

Will Erica learn enough to overcome the uncanny valley?

Erica was made by Hiroshi Ishiguro to become the most beautifu woman in the world. She is also the first of autonomous AI to star in her own film, entitled “b”.

While production of the movie has been halted due to the coronavirus, Erica is learning how to emulate humans. She is being coached by amateur local actors on how bring emotion to her lines. She is currently being taught how to develop her character as well as appropriate body language to make her acting relatable.

Unlike other robots, Erica is life-like. According to Sam Khoze, one of the film’s producers, “She really looks like a human…Even down to such small details as her tongue and her eyelids”.

Editor’s Note: First there were AI painters. Then there came AI authors, AI musicians, and AI philosophers. Now we have an AI actor that is learning how to capture the emotions of humans. Are we really trying to outsource human creativity? Will this new film desensitize us from the eerie reality that robots can now act like they understand what it means to be human?

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