1 min readHow does healing happen?

An entirely new theory is needed to explain the quantum action of living systems. Are we ready to accept the role of consciousness in the universe?

In this 2005 article for Shift: At The Frontiers Of Consciousness, Larry Dossey traces the progress of medicine from being a purely mechanical endeavor to its current phase which he refers to as nonlocal medicine. Nonlocal medicine, Dossey defines, is not confined to a specific space and time. Despite the evidences offered by quantum mechanics for nonlocal medicine, Dossey was quick to point out that it is in inadequate in explaining nonlocal healing. Dossey asserts that quantum mechanics may help explain how nonliving matter behaves at the quantum realm, but an altogether new theory will be needed to explain living systems.

Implications for AI

Quantum mechanics broke reality, but without accepting the role of nonlocal consciousness, it will continue to fail in explaining life and healing. Whatever form of immortality and super health offered to us by advancing technology, these are but artificial. They will always be limited by our own worldviews, and will never be able to compare to the real capacity of the truly, and fully human [read Joe Dispenza: You Can Cure Yourself Through Your Thoughts].

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