1 min readAutonomous cars do not need 5g

If self-driving cars cannot be produced with the current connections we have today, why would anyone want to push for untested and harmful alternatives like 5G?

In 2018, we were promised that self-driving cars will become a reality in 2019. We feared that human drivers will become obsolete, and that the job apocalypse will finally begin. Here we are almost at the end of 2018, driverless cars may be present in some key cities, but it has not become as mainstream as expected. Companies say that it is because 5G connection is not yet widespread, hence driverless cars cannot function properly. This article for CircleID, Doug Dawson this myth. Dawson asserts that 5g and self-driving cars are incompatible.

This reality shows us that a lot of the technologies being implemented today are merely experimental, and may never scale without violating human rights to safety and well-being.

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