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1 min readCompanies boycotting Facebook continue to increase

Yes, it is possible to keep Big Tech in check.

A growing number of companies have paused their Facebook advertising as the social media giant failed to “meaningfully address the vast proliferation of hate in its platforms”. The effort is part of the #StopHateForProfit campaign. Some of the companies involved in this social media advertising boycott includes Beam Suntory, Coca Cola, Eddie Bauer, Hershey’s, Honda, The North Face, Upwork, Unilever, among others. 

Editor’s Note: This article shows that when individuals unite towards a common goal, institutions follow. Moreover, this is a clear indication that societies are beginning to change. People are awakening to the reality that justice and equality are more important than profit and economic sustainability. 

It is also gives us a lesson on how we can finally re-structure previously untouchable corporations. If we normal citizens unite towards the same end, we will be able to reform our societies.

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