1 min readWe need the Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act now

Are we forgetting the issue of AI bias?

COVID-19 has allowed the unprecedented collection of data by Big Tech companies, but the issues of AI raised in previous years remain unresolved. Issues of fairness, bias, and transparency still riddle algorithms, and there remains no enforceable guidelines for the development of ethical AI. 
In this article for Tech Cruch, Bradforf Newman discusses the importance of the Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act in protecting human dignity and upholding civil liberties. 

Editor’s Note: This article is important for various reasons. First, it reminds us of the issues of AI, and how it can drastically impact societies if utilized in their current form. Second, it shows us exactly how much we are bound to lose if continue to ignore the existential threat of artificial intelligence. Last, US and Europe are lucky to have conversations about data protection out in the open. In a majority of developing countries, such a conversation remains elusive, and citizens are led to believe that AI is the ultimate solution to many of their societies’ problems. Needless to say, these countries have become the testing ground of unregulated AI and they are already suffering the consequences without realizing it. 

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