1 min readIt is time to rethink education

Education must go back to teaching the essentials. How can we engage meaningfully in a planet that is alive? How can we recreate educational systems so that it enhances this engagement?

In this article for The Guardian, George Monbiot talks about how education has misled us and made us forget who we are. Education is fragmented and has helped us bring our planet into ruin. 

Monbiot says that it is time to rethink the entire basis of our education, and to create a new system that will enable our children to re-engage with the living world. 

Implications for AI

Before the pandemic, talk of switching towards purely online education was starting to gain traction. As the pandemics forced schools in many countries to close, we thought it would be so easy to shift from a physical setup to a virtual one. We have, after all, been preparing for this for years. 

But it is now that our children are forced to complete their work even while on lockdowns that we are beginning to question the real purpose of education. How is increasing the information they know preparing them to live in an unpredictable world? How can our children continue to live meaningfully if everything we knew about the world, everything we taught them, are changing in break neck speed? 

Online education cannot continue to exist in the same way. It must transition from a system that relies on the accumulation of information, to one which hones all of the child’s capacities. Living education is difficult without face-to-face interactions between teachers and students, but there is a way to do it, if we are truly willing to focus on the essentials. 

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