1 min readPetition for screen-free kindergarten, day care, and primary school launched

Educators unite to petition for the right to have screen-free classrooms. Their stand: the beginning of digital age education must focus on human beings.

We might think that digital education is the way forward, but educators worldwide are saying that education can never be digitalized because no one learns digitally.  In order to prepare our children for an unknown future, they must be allowed to have all sorts of learning experiences that will enliven their humanity and strengthen their connection with nature and their fellows. This is the reason why the Alliance for Humane Education and European Alliance for Anthroposophy (ELIANT) decided to launch a petition that requests policy makers to give early childhood education institutions and primary schools the choice for screen-free education. 

The article below summarizes the other rationale for the petition as well as its other demands. Sign the petition by visiting the ELIANT petition site.

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