1 min readA call for open, informed study of psi phenomena

Scientists are demanding for an open study of parapsychological phenomena. How will this change what we already know about human nature?

After writing a meta-analysis of researches on psi phenomena, psychology professor Etzel Cardena deemed it necessary to write a petition calling for a more thorough investigation of psi phenomena and other notable anomalies in consciousness research [A similar petition was written in the same year by the International Summit on Post-Materialist Science. To read its full text visit Manifesto For A Post-Materialist Science]. Cardena says that the validity of psi researches continue to be published in peer reviewed journals and several Nobel prizewinners have conducted researches of the same nature. Cardena says that evidences of psi phenomena must not be disregarded a priori without discussion in the scientific community. 

Implications for AI

More and more scientists are recognizing the existence of psi phenomena and the “supernatural” powers available to humans. A thorough study of psi phenomena will allow us to see whether these abilities are inherent in all humans, which in turn could help us develop strategies in enhancing and utilizing these capacities. 

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