1 min readEtzel Cardeña: studies show real support for the existence of psi phenomena

Psi phenomena is real, whether we like it or not. Can’t believe it? Read the science that supports this claim.

In his work, Etzel Cardeña identified two major categories of psi phenomena and explains that such occurrences do not violate modern laws in physics. He cites the nonlocal interpretation of quantum physics and the existence of a hyperdimensional “transcendental field” to explain psi effects. Cardeña also stresses that the quality of the paranormal studies surveyed were at par with the standard and there is no evidence of fraud, selective reporting, experimental or analytical incompetence that may cause one to disregard its results.

The attached article is a summary of Etzel Cardeña’s research entitled The Experimental Evidence For Parapsychological Phenomena. The original research was published by the American Psychologist in 2018 and the full text of the study is available for download at: https://seriouspod.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/PSI-American-Psychologist.pdf

Implications for AI

Results of parapsychological researches are disregarded a priori not because of the methodologies used in its conduct. They are disregarded because they shake the very foundations of reality created by “experts” and “authorities” of science. If our societies truly respected the value of real science, then they will see that the materialist worldview no longer holds water. It is time for a new paradigm – one that recognizes the primacy of a consciousness that is beyond the physical. 

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