1 min readIs true artificial consciousness possible?

True artificial consciousness will never be created until we understand the consciousness is beyond the physical. But then again, even if we do recognize the true nature of consciousness, why would we want to imprison it in the physical when it is already unbounded and limitless?

In this article for the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Sean Webb says that soon, computers will be able to simulate consciousness, the technology, he says is simple and has been used for years. Webb stresses, however, that true consciousness will never arise from non-organic material. If we hope to create a conscious robot, we must first discover the source of consciousness, create a conduit that will house that source, connect the entire system to organic material via the quantum field, and ensure that the organic material takes the conduit as its own.

Implications for AI

Since we haven’t been able to unravel the secrets of consciousness, we might never be able to create a truly conscious robot, only emulations of it. And this is where the danger lies – when people start to think that robots are like themselves and surrender their creative capacities for the “unerring” capacity of AI [Because AI uses available data for decision making, it tends to proliferate social biases. Here are some examples: How Some AI Are Learning The Worst Of Our ImpulsesThe Trouble With Facial Recognition, and  Study Finds Google’s AI Hate Speech Detector To Be Racially Biased].

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