1 min readThomas Hubl: During this time of coronavirus, let us act with love

The coronavirus is showing us that humanity’s collective strength will help us face the fragility of our world.

The following is an article written by Thomas Hubl in March, when he was forced to self quarantine after returning from the Timeless Wisdom Training meditation in the US. 

In it, Hubl reframes the coronavirus and quarantines as a good opportunity for communities to find an answer to the question: who am I in relation to the present situation?

Hubl says that though our collective vessel is not yet strong to contain the current global developments arising out of the coronavirus, but we must find ways to transcend the collective fear arising from the current situation. All inner practices we have done in the past will now find its purpose and application.

Implications for AI

How do we make choices that are not based on fear? How can we care for our fellow in this time of uncertainty and fragility? 

The coronavirus has shown us that indeed, we are interconnected. Our collective strength cancels out our individual weaknesses, if we are willing to let go of our own judgements, and be open to being ruled by love for our fellow. 

This crisis has allowed our humanity to shine. It has shown us the universe capacity of our species to overcome our inner vulnerabilities in order, to serve and support those who most need our help. This beautiful community that we have created in the midst of a pandemic is something that no computer system can ever replicate. 

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