1 min readThe pandemic has shown us that our technologies no longer address our most basic needs

Our technologies have built shiny devices that makes our lives convenient and keeps us entertained. But it has failed to give us good health, engaging education, and a joyful life.

We used to think that technology will be the future of our societies, and AI will be the solution to all our societal problems. But the pandemic came, and all the AI that has been created was powerless at preventing the widescale economic failure, as well as the overwhelming need for the health care sector. AI remains as a beautiful concept, still unable to address the most basic of our needs. 

In this article for the MIT Technology Review, author David Rotman goes deeper into the failures of technology amidst the pandemic. Rotman stresses that our technologies have failed to reinvent healthcare, education, food production and distribution. Why then should we surrender the building of our societies to technology and AI if it is unable to ensure the sustainability of modern our civilization? What purpose does it serve?

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