1 min readManifesto for a post-materialist science

Scientists have proclaimed in 2014 the emergence of a new scientific paradigm. Today, their works are becoming mainstream, and materialist science is hard pressed at disproving their scientific researches.

In February 2014, scientists Gary Schwartz, Mario Beauregard, and Lissa Miller organized the International Summit on Post-Materialist Science to discuss the emergence of a new science that connects science, spirituality, and society. Out of this 3-day summit, scientists from various fields developed new principles for scientific research which highlights the role of the mind. 

Implications for AI 

The post-materialist scientific paradigm will fundamentally alter the way we view ourselves and our place in nature. It brings back human dignity and fosters compassion, respect, and peace. If we wish to create a better future, then the choice is simple – science must change.

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