1 min readA Farewell to a Great Mind

Image from BBC News.

We all know the latest news today. Stephen Hawking, physicist, author of the Brief History of TIme, and owner of the robotic voice everyone has learned to love, has crossed the threshold at 76. Of course it felt unreal. Just yesterday I was reading an article about his thoughts on artificial intelligence, how could it happen that he is gone from this world now? A friend of mine told me today, “I’m waiting for a Black Mirror-ish twist”, perhaps I am, too.

This entire site is all about re-discovering our humanity, in spite of AI. It is all about living up to our full potentials and ensuring that all new technologies will continue to be tools for progress. Having said that, I come back to Stephen Hawking, and how he has lived his life to the fullest that he can. Using the available tools of science, he has been able to transcend his physical limitations and leave us an entire legacy that is bound to transform our world.If only half of the world could say the same thing. Even though I don’t personally agree on some of his ideas, there are many that I share.

In tribute to him who continued to wager scientific bets (despite the fact he never won any one of them), he who chose to keep his robotic voice (despite the fact that he could have recovered a more human voice), I share with you some of Stephen Hawking’s quotes about life and living. This article was published by the Times Magazine.

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