The forecast for AI in 2018

1 min readThe forecast for AI in 2018

Where is AI headed this 2018? Rosie Brown of NVIDIA rounds up the top 13 predictions of top researchers and experts around the world.

Top 13 Predictions

  • AI will become real for medicine. This is no surprise as an AI has recently passed the National Medical Licensing Examination in China.
  • Deep Learning will revolutionize engineering simulation and design.
  • AI will be considered part of a “regular” clinical system.
  • AI will be considered a mainstream content creator.
  • Technology will continue to adapt to AI.
  • Biometrics will replace credit cards and driver’s licenses.
  • New deep learning techniques will provide transparency into how data is processed.
  • AI and deep neural networks will be accessible in smartphones.
  • AI will be more fully integrated into daily life.
  • AI development will be more diverse.
  • AI will open a new field of research in contemporary astrophysics.
  • AI will translate from the research lab to the patient bedside.
  • AI personal assistants will continue to get smarter.

Questions to Ponder Upon

Is society ready for this change? Are our systems and institutions ready to address the impacts of such technology? What are the possible repercussions of AI to our societies?

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