1 min readUsing AI to Fight Against Poverty and Hunger

If there’s one reason why AI should be manifested in the world, it is possibility of creating a world where no one is hungry, and where everyone can provide for their own needs.

The Stanford Poverty and Technology Lab has found a new use for AI – pinpointing the regions that are most in need. In the same way that Amazon and Facebook are able to run targeted ads to their visitors based on their browsing history, the Lab is able to predict which areas are most at risk based on the various known causes of poverty. Through the use of AI, scientists are also able to gather and process information about countries using satellites.

This article published by the NBC provides a deeper understanding of how AI is enabling scientists to find new solutions to old social problems.

Questions to Ponder Upon

With limited resources to command, how likely will non-profits get their hands on an AI that will help them address old social problems? Will they ever find a partner among multinational corporations?

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