1 min readHow psychological turmoil can lead to spiritual awakening

Psychology has come a long way in understanding the human being and respecting the unique experiences of each individual.

In this journal article written by Steve Taylor, he talks about the two modes of spiritual awakening and how both modes come after severe psychological turmoil. Taylor explains the difference between the two modes and offers ways to distinguish one from the other. It also provides psychologists an understanding of the unique experiences of individuals undergoing such process, and assists professionals in prescribing treatments and other kinds of support.

Implications for AI

Spiritual awakenings used to be categorized as a mental illness, but psychology has learned to look at an individual as more than their brain structure. Transpersonal psychology shows us that there is hope for science. Once we look at all scientific endeavors in relation to the lived experience, we will begin to understand that every challenge a human being experiences is an integral part of their own development. Only then can we begin to be grateful of our weaknesses, and in the process, learn to translate them into an inspiration to be better people.

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