1 min readExplaining dark energy: The Chameleon Theory

Computer simulations offer new explanation on the role of gravity to galaxy formation. Will this change the way we understand the universe?

The theory of general relativity no longer holds the sole monopoly in the explanation of how the galaxies have formed. Super computer simulations offer an alternative, the Chameleon Theory, which states that even if the value of gravity in the universe shifted, galaxies will still form. 

Implications for AI

Does the Chameleon Theory point to a universe that is designed for life? If gravity was not the constant determinant in the formation of galaxies, is there another force that guided this process?

Note that the Chameleon Theory is still purely mathematical, but several scientists are open to studying it further. Why are scientists more accepting of a new theory for the formation of the universe, but so resistant to rigorous scientific researches relating to human healing, and out of body consciousness? 

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