1 min readAstrophysics and medical pathology: Yes, they’re connected

How can astrophysics and medical pathology be connected?

In this 2015 interview for the National Geographic, astrophysicist Karen Schrijver, and his medical pathologist wife talk about the similarities between humans and stars. For one, the Schrijvers say, humans are formed with the materials forged by the stars. Moreover some very human qualities are also manifested by stars, for example, both stars and human cells age and die.

Implications for AI

The human body, like the rest of the universe is undergoing continuous change. Through the discoveries of other sciences like epigenetics, we know that the conscious changes we do in our bodies and minds are passed to our children and other descendants. With transhumanism gaining hold of the sciences, and the quest for an indestructible body underway, there is a chance that this natural evolution will be interrupted. With this interruption, we can expect cultures and societies to also change {see The Significance Of AI For Human Civilization to explore what this statement means].

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