1 min readWe Are Evolving Toward “Meta-Intelligence”

This article outlines the evolution of man from natural selection to intelligent direction. This is predicted to happen in the next 30 years when we witness the merging of man and machine and the arrival of meta intelligence where we are all connected via cloud. The author believes that we will be a multi-planetary species capable of superintelligence.

Editor’s Note: The article of brimming with positivity with regard to artificial intelligence, brain-computer interface, and colonizing other planets. There is no doubt we can do all that. We can also perhaps solve our own planet’s problems of social inequality, human-induced extinction, and nuclear war among other things. Have we done our inner transformations of becoming less selfish? Have we arranged our morals to “survive” the super transformations that are about to happen? If not, then perhaps we have not evolved fully at all in the positive direction.

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