1 min readHow the mind can heal the body

Nicole Sachs shows us that by delving in the deepest parts of our self, we will find healing, and meaningful health.

Nicole Sachs was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis when she was 19. It meant that sports, travel, and having children were all fatally dangerous for her. The attached article chronicles Sachs’s journey to healing. Unlike other medical cases, Sachs’ healing does not involve medicines or surgery. Instead, it talks about how she explored her own psychology, how she healed her emotional self, which in turn, strengthened her physical body.

Implications for AI

Sachs’s story shows us that illness is an opportunity for the renewal of self, and how physical health is intertwined with the emotional and spiritual aspect of being human. By purely acknowledging and accepting one’s own issues (both physical and emotional), one gains the capacity to overcome one’s physical limitations. It shows us that indeed, that which makes humans weak can also be a source of strength. Unlike the super health offered by transhumanism and AI, the natural capacity of humans for super health has so much more depth and meaning.

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