1 min readThe thin line between spiritual emergence and spiritual emergency

Mental health is a popular issue today, but Scammell shows us that is it nothing more than a symptom of the human being’s search for higher truths.

In this 2017 article for the Wise Brain Bulletin, psychologist Shelley Scammell helps us to understand the differences between a spiritual emergency, a spiritual emergency, and real psychosis. It also offers us suggestions on how to handle particular situations. Scammell’s article recognizes that psychological concerns are opportunities for personal growth [to understand this framework better, read How Transpersonal Theory Is Changing Psychiatry].

Implications for AI

With the recognition that psychological illnesses are struggles for the discovery of the self comes the acknowledgement of humanity’s need to reach higher levels of inter connectivity. It refers to a reality that is beyond the physical, a level of wellbeing that is beyond physical health and wealth. It shows us that there is something innate in the human being that pushes us to search for higher truths.

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