1 min readThe windfall clause: distributing the benefits of AI

Will the Windfall Clause be enough at redistributing the wealth generated by AI development?

As AI is one of the most disruptive technologies to be created, one can expect that its impacts on societies will be massive. To ensure that AI will be used to improve the human condition, authors Cullen O’Keefe, Ben Garfinkel, Carrick Flynn, Jade Leung, and Allan Dafoe developed the Windfall Clause.

The Windfall clause is a voluntary agreement among firms to donate a meaningful portion of their profits if they earn unprecedented income from their development of AI. Through this proposal, the authors hope to address the issues related to AI-based economic development. 

Whether the Windfall clause will be implemented or not, remains a question. But as the authors asserted, if firms are truly committed to developing AI for the common good, then agreeing and adhering to the Windfall clause will not need a lot of convincing.

The full 65-page report is available for download below. It offers a discussion on the precedents and legalities related to the clause, as well as provides some suggestions on how the windfall can be distributed back to societies. 

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