1 min readBiophotons and what they can tell us about biofields and healing

When you send light to someone who is injured, you help them heal. This research shows us exactly what this means.

In this 2005 research conducted by Katherine Creath and Gary Schwartz, they explored how biofields change among plants as a representative of living systems in general. Results show that damaged and unhealthy organisms emit huge amounts of biophotons, while whole, healthy organisms registered low photon emissions. But when a part of the organism dies, for example, when part of the leaf turns brown, that part is no longer able to emit any biophoton. Research shows that leaves treated with energy healing modalities (Reiki, VortexHealing, and Barbara Brennan in this case), photon activity in the injured areas lessen. 

Implications for AI

One of the most important implications of this study is that the intention of the healer can impact the overall health (and healing) of the subject. It shows us that the energy that created the universe is present in each living being, and that this energy can be transferred and “shared” with one another. This has profound implications, not only in the way we understand health and healing, but also in understanding the unique relationship between human beings and the natural, living environment

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