1 min readMemory transference: Experiences from organ transplant recipients

Organ transplant recipients are experiencing behavior, emotions, and thoughts which are similar or comparable to the behavior, emotions, and thoughts of their organ donors. How is this possible?

The following article written by Sandeep Joshi for the Journal of New Approaches to Medicine and Health attempts to summarize some explanations for memory transference among organ transplant recipients. The article reviews six cases of personality changes, some skeptical explanations and prevalent alternative explanations for cellular memory. Some of these explanations include: the little brain in the heart [see Finding Your True Self: Talking To Your Heart to learn how you can use this concept in your daily life], the magnetic field theory, as well as the concept of a consciousness that is beyond the brain [read An Interview With Dr. Bruce Greyson: Consciousness Exists Outside The Brain], among others. 

Implications for AI

From the experience of organ transplant recipients, it is becoming clearer that memory does not just reside in the brain, but in the rest of our body. But what else is at work in memory transference of organ transplant recipients? Could this be a symptom of the self-organizing capacity of all living systems? How will this impact the research on mind uploading and the creation of conscious AI?

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