1 min readResolving the hard problem of consciousness

What if consciousness built all of physical reality? How will this understanding help us create a better future for all of humanity?

Consciousness cannot be explained by physical properties, but in order to explain physical properties, you need to acknowledge the role of consciousness. This is one of the important ideas put forward by Sharon Rawlette in her article for the Galileo Commission.

If all physical properties are relational and directional, then physical things, on their own, cannot be defined nor understood. The only way that we can understand and appreciate relational/dispositional properties is if there is something that gives these properties meaning. For Rawlette, this “something” is consciousness.

Implications for AI

Despite researches showing that neuronal activity does not create consciousness, materialist sciences still discount the role of consciousness in the realities manifested in the physical realm. Recognizing that consciousness came first before physical realities will require a complete shift in perspective – it will debunk many ideas built out of materialism. On the other hand, putting consciousness at the center of scientific inquiry will help us make sense of the interconnections present in the universe.

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