1 min readFinding your true self: talking to your heart

The heart has a brain of its own, its wisdom is clear, refreshing, and it simply feels right.

This article written by Deborah Rozman tells us about the little brain found in our heart. Rozman says that the heart has its own way of knowing, and that by allowing a coherent heart to talk to the brain, we will hear the voice of our true self, a voice that offers more intuition and common sense intelligence. The article also offers a run-down of the Heart Math Freeze Frame technique [know about another one of Heart Math’s techniques, read Heart Math’s Heart Lock-In Technique Proven To Be Effective] which is scientifically proven to improve one’s decision-making.

Implications for AI

When we allow the heart to rule our decision making, we change offer space for a deeper connection. The solutions we get are not symptomatic and disjointed. This is exactly what we need to balance today’s brain-centered society. We need to utilize a new way of decision-making that allows us to connect to the deep truths of life. 

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