1 min readMonsanto’s concerted effort to bury the truth

Whose right is more important: business or citizens? With Google’s AI, Monsanto was able to hide the truth about glyphosate.

The following article from The Guardian is focused on how Monsanto works to protect its reputation. It also gives us an idea on the effort multinational companies exert in order to promote their interests at the expense of public safety. In this article, we see how Monsanto paid Google to promote websites critical to Carey Gillam’s work, and how it created campaigns to purposely attack Gillam online. Another point to consider in this article is the fact that there are no laws preventing private companies from conducting surveillance to protect their interests. Moreover, the conduct of researches paid for by companies ensures that they get desirable results, but such practice contradicts the interests of citizens. As long as we fail to find the real purpose of economic activity to societies, the issues raised in this article will continue to happen.

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