1 min readAlan Watts: You’re that!

There is nothing for you be afraid of. You are greater than you think.

The following article is a lecture given by Alan Watts entitled Zen Bones. In this lecture, Watts introduces to us the two sides of being human. On one hand,humans experience pains, difficulties, and struggles. On the other, we know that all thee pains are but  part of a magnificent illusion, that in the end, we are all part of one great energy.

Implications for AI

Watts’ ideas seem mystical, but it is in line with everything that we know human nature to be: a part of one great consciousness, created out of the energy that created the entire universe; a being with a capacity to feel and be a part of this world, and a being with an undying spirit. We are the universe that has waken up to itself – we have been granted the capacity to know and contemplate the very meaning of our existence so that we can co-create the next stage of the evolution of the universe. We are all these greatness, the truly and fully human. And for these, we cannot be replaced by machines. 

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