1 min readMaking sense of the mental universe

The universal mind is the basis of all reality. Read this article to understand the depth of this assertion.

To help us understand the results of researches in quantum physics, Bernard Kastrup introduces the Relational Quantum Mechanics (RQM), which states that there are no observer-independent physical realities. Kastrup discusses the assertions of RQM and the issues they raise for materialist science. In order to address these issues, he points to the importance of understanding the real nature of mind.

Implications for AI 

If we recognize that the universal mind is the sole ontological primitive underlying all of reality, then we gain the power to transform our rapidly degrading world. When more people learn how to tap to this universal mind, then we can collectively change the physical state of our realities. We can stop climate change, stop forest fires, and prevent earthquakes from devastating our cities. This is the real power we can gain when we begin to accept and utilize the mental universe. What need, then, do we have for conscious robots?

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