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Why do some scientists reject the opportunity to utilize the non-materialist notion of the mind when it could be the very thing that helps thousands of people in the population to unlock their hidden potential?

All great scientists and artists have experienced moments of heightened awareness, as if floodgates of their consciousness have opened. In these moments, solutions to deep questions of life and work become revealed in an instant. In the following excerpt from the book Higher Creativity: Liberating The Unconscious For Breakthrough Insights, author Willis Harman talks about the hidden part of our mind which has the capacity to change the course of history.

Implications for AI 

This book is important because Harman tries to answer important questions such as: do only a few people possess this extraordinary mind capacity? Can this capability be learned, or is it purely hereditary? Harman says that perhaps what we call “genius” is a learned state of consciousness. Maybe we all have the capacity to do great things, if only we learn how to unlock the hidden capacities of our mind. 

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