1 min readNarratives: Bringing the “human” back to human rights work

Wondering how the new sciences can be used to change our societies? The following example has far reaching consequences – you can even use it for creating change in your own field!

The following report was written by Krizna Gomez and Thomas Coombes for Just Labs and the Fund for Global Human Rights. Utilizing the latest discoveries in the field of neuroscience, technology and data, arts, entrepreneurship, marketing, contemplative practice, storytelling, political strategy, and the academia, the authors document how they worked with 12 human rights organizations to develop prototypes for new human rights work. It redefined human rights work into a field that celebrates everything that makes us human: compassion, togetherness, family and friendship.

Through this work, the authors taught human rights activists how they can change the narrative so that human rights becomes the glue that holds societies together.

Implications for AI

How can we use the findings of the new sciences to make our societies better? Gomez and Coombes shows us how this can be done. It shows us the changes we need to do in our fields, organizations, and tactics so that we can effectively engage people to more towards an alternative future which upholds the values that all humans hold dear. 

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