1 min readStudy finds a single neuron is a complex system

A peer-reviewed study published by the journal Neuron, found that a single neuron is as complex as an entire deep neural network. The results of this study was discussed by Jason Dorrier in his September 1, 2021 article for Singularity Hub.

The researchers tried to mimic the behavior of a single biological neuron using a neural network. Their results showed that biological neurons were more complex that they expected. The team needed to use five- to eight-layer neural networks in order to mimic the single neuron. That required around 1,000 artificial neurons.

Editor’s Note: While some people think that this research will now allow us to create neural systems that mimic how the brain works, Dorrier thinks otherwise. He says that we are nowhere near measuring the computational complexity of the brain. These researches are nowhere near to understanding the human mind and what makes us conscious beings [read WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR AI TO BECOME CONSCIOUS? and AI IS NEITHER ARTIFICIAL NOR INTELLIGENT].

Note, however, that this new research can lead to the development of more advanced AI, which could be disastrous to our societies. It is not something to be ignored. The fact that our current technologies could come close to determine the material function of the complex neuron shows that arrogant people might want to test the limits of this technology, which could lead to errors that could potentially harm humans.

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