1 min readHeart Math’s Heart Lock-in Technique proven to be effective

We used to hear that human beings need to be “one with the world”, but very rarely do we understand what it means. This research published below shows us exactly what it means, and offers us a simple way to do it.

The Heart Lock-In Technique was among the oldest techniques used to synchronize heart rhythms of different individuals within groups, which also improves team coordination. In this study published by the Journal of Complexity in Health Science, researchers discovered that the  Heart Lock-in Technique enables participants to synchronize with the earth’s magnetic field, which is also attributed to better health. 

Implications for AI

Why does synchronization with the earth’s magnetic field lead to better health? If all the materials that make up the human body and the earth were forged during the Big Bang, then this is no longer a surprise.  When we perform the Heart Lock-in Technique we are essentially reconnecting with innate parts of the universe which exists within ourselves. What computing-based  technology can offer us a capacity much greater than this?

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