1 min readThe tool that can detect the presence of spirits

Gary Schwartz aims to discover a tool that will help us detect the presence of spirit. How will the measurements derived from this new tool affect what we know about death and consciousness?

In the following article published by the Explore Journal in 2010, Gary Schwartz tests whether the silicon photomultiplier can be utilized to detect presence of spirit (POS). Here, Schwartz explains the importance of empirically proving POS, as well as his rationale in using the silicon photomultiplier for this purpose. 

Implications for AI

The technology we have today offers us a glimpse of a whole new world that is different from what we know. It shows us that within this world of the material is an embedded world that is barely detectable by the tools we have today. Perhaps, when we have accepted the continuity of consciousness and the spirit as well as the presence of the realm of the spirits, new horizons for toolmaking will open to us. Finally, then, we might be able to see the real beauty of this world. 

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