1 min readFirst “human brain” super computer switched on for the first time

A new machine is now capable of working the same way the human brain works. What does it mean for AI development?

The newly formed SpiNNaker machine has 1 million transistors and is now capable of working in the same way human brain works. Though the machine is still several billions short before it can match the number of neurons in the human brain, its computing power is truly remarkable.

Implications for AI

The new SpiNNaker takes the generalization of artificial intelligence a step closer. Capable of completing more than 200 million million actions per second, the supercomputer can simulate how the brain works and enable researchers to discover even deeper capacities of the human brain. The 1-million core SpiNNaker has been developed in just five years, following the launching of the cooperation between the Human Brain Project and the University of Manchester.

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