1 min readGoogle wants to return to China, but not everyone in the company is happy

Google wants to re-enter the China market. Should you be concerned?

Google is exploring ways on how it an re-enter mainland China, but many of its employees are opposed to the idea. In this article written by Mark Bergen for Bloomberg, he talks about the various efforts being done by the company to penetrate the huge Chinese market, and the implications of such move.

Why It Matters

Google’s departure from China in 2010 was a sign of protest against the invasive policies the government imposes on companies operating within its boundaries. Since its departure, Chinese internet users have been prevented from accessing the search engine, hence causing the company to lose a huge part of its market share.

What could prompt Google to want to go back to China? For many of its employees and former supporters, the move is profit-oriented. For a company that swore to protect its users privacy, and maintain their products as a force of freedom, Google is slowly becoming a traditional company. Recent events in the company points to this point.

For one, we all know how Google used to scan our emails for keywords it can use to target us with appropriate ads. Just recently, it has also been discovered that third party applications are allowed by the company to gain access to our email content.

Meanwhile, inside the company, many employees are saying that no formal briefing has been made regarding Google’s China plan. And despite the opposition from its employees, top ranking officers of the company are still bent on continuing with its plans.

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