1 min readFacebook will create an external committee to decide on content

Facebook is finally taking responsibility for the content being shared on their platform. Will an independent review committee deliver on its mandate?

Next year in 2019, Facebook will be creating an external oversight committee which will be tasked to determine how to handle content containing false information, hate speech, call to violence, and harassment which flows through the company’s servers. This is FB’s solution to various criticisms against its editorial policies [see previous article discussing Facebook’s Confusing Guidelines In Combating Misinformation Within Its Social Media Platform].

While commendable, various tech journalists believe that this move is nothing more than Facebook trying to shirk away from its social responsibilities. The new committee may be envisioned to work independently, in reality, its resources will always be dependent on pleasing Facebook officials.

Questions to Ponder Upon

How independent will this new committee be from Facebook? Will it be allowed to develop its own editorial policy? What will be its basis for deleting and keeping posts in Facebook’s social media platform? Why isn’t upholding truth a priority of Facebook?

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