1 min readFacebook’s confusing guidelines in combating misinformation within its platform

Facebook has hired an independent organization to review its content. Will this body remain truly independent?

How does Facebook distinguish between free speech and hate speech? Farhad Manjoo of New York Times says that the editorial guidelines used within the social network is incoherent: a “hodgepodge of declarations and exceptions and exceptions to the exceptions”

Why It Matters

This article raises various important points.

On one hand, it shows how much control Facebook has over your news feeds. It can choose what content are deleted, and which ones stay. It can also choose which posts are seen prominently, and which ones are pushed so far down your news feed, you’ll probably never see them.

On the other hand, the article also shows how, despite it being one of the biggest tech companies today, Facebook has failed to make a stand regarding how it can become a positive force in society. The lack of clarity regarding its policy on misinformation is an indication of this.

One may say that Facebook’s difficulty in determining which content are hate speech, and which content abide by free speech comes from the fact that the company’s priority lies, not in ushering the world to a new era of peace and real connection, but in earning profit.

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